Meeting Rooms

  • Instant room up to 10 people
  • Booked room up to 50 people
  • Phone and Video
  • Share your screen

In order to use Meetings you must be invited or a PhoneBounce user.

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Please enter the room, your name and pin number (optional).

Welcome to Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms allow you to join video meetings with friends and family around the world.

Instant Rooms

From 2 - 10 people these are encrypted and fully secure. Simply enter your mobile number as the room name. Your name so people can see who they are talking to and optionaly a pin to stop others joining.
This type of room is free.

Pre Booked Rooms.

From 2 - 50 people (Video and Voice). Organised through the PhoneBounce app These type of rooms allow you to define the number of people and if you wish to record the meeting. They offers a higher quality of service, are always private and costs start at 1p per person per minute.

Screen Sharing (Coming Soon)

When connected through the desktop you are able to share your screen with the group. Show documents, other windows and work in a collaberative fashion. Using the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers there is no need to download any extensions or plugins.

Live Transcription (Coming Soon)

Provide subtitles for your conversation in real time. Need them in another language? Simply set the desired language and we will translate in real time. Costs start at 3p per minute. Turn on and off instantly.
This option is only available on group rooms.

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