Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a sample of the most frequently asked questions. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know.



Billing [Questions 4]

How much are numbers?

Numbers are priced based on country and type. Pick the country and type and we will show you the cost below. Each month includes around 1 hours worth of credit.

Are my credit card details held?

No Credit card details are stored on our servers. By partnering with Stripe we use an industry leader in online payment to ensure your security. If you are using IOS then we use in app purchases and so all payment details are handled by Apple

Is it done on a subscription?

For numbers purchased on Android a subscription is set up for you. Under IOS this is not possible so the number is automatically stopped at the end of the month. We will remind you before thiis happens though giving you time to extend

Can I close my account?

Sure. We dont want you to but with no contracts you are in control. Remove a call or message, remove a number or even remove your account. We dont wish to trap you at all.

Numbers [Questions 4]

What countries do you have numbers?

Due to the laws governing phone numbers this is constantly changing. If you go to out purchase screen you can instantly get an up to date list. We check the suppliers inventory every fwe hours to ensure our lists are 100% up to date

Why do certain numbers cost more?

Due to type and availability sometimes the prices can fluctuate. We aim to source from the cheapest but ultimately you can search and pick the numbers which is right for you or your business.

How come some countries are not shown?

To keep things as simple as possible we only show numbers for which there is no address requirements. We will be extending this later for you to add your address and open up more possabilities. This will be coming in 2020...

How up to date are the numbers?

We check number availability based on supplier, country and type every few hours 365 days of the year. We do this so you dont have to search for that perfect number.

Calls [Questions 5]

Can I stop receiving calls?

Sure you can. By simply swiping left you can chose not to be disturbed. This can be set for an individual person, a number you own (from the number profile) or all your numbers (from the left profile)

How much do calls cost?

The cost of a call changes from contry to country. As you type in the number you wish to call we will show the price per minute to make that call.

How long can a call last?

When you initiate the call we take the amount credit you have and divide it by the cost per minute of the call. All calls are rounded to the nearest minute for billing.

Can I remove a call?

Sure. For any call or message simply swipe left and click the trash can icon. You will be asked to confirm but once thats done it wil be removed forever.

Can I transcribe / translate a call?

For any message you receive by clicking on it you will have the option to translate it. This translation will then be sent to you as a message for you to respond as you see fit.

Messages [Questions 4]

Can I translate a message?

Yes. For any message you receive by clicking on it you will have the option to translate it. You can reply to the message but with translation on we will translate it back to the original recipients own language allow you to talk to your customers in a language both of you are happy with

What happens when I reply to a translated message?

If translation is turned on we will translate your reply back to the recipient in their own language.

Can I send an attachment?

Im afriad that is not currently possible due to security concerns. This is something we are looking to trial is 2020.

Can I tell if someone has received a message?

Below each message, by the time you will see 1 or 2 ticks. One tick indicates the messsage has been sent. Two ticks indicate the message has been received as well.

Videos [Questions 3]

How much does a 1 to 1 video call cost?

1 to 1 video are free anywhere in the world. These are not routed by any servers and are 100% secure.

How come 1 to 1 videos are not recorded?

As these are done directly between two clients we have no ability to record. This is done on purpose to ensure your security as these calls are encrypted

Can I find my saved meeting videos?

You can find saved videos next to your calls and messages. These can be reviewed at any time you wish by clicking on them and pressing play